Calcium Glycerophosphate

Product Name : Calcium Glycerophosphate

CAS : 27214-00-2

Molecular Formula : C3H7CaO6P

Molecular Weight : 210.14 g/mol

Pharmaceutical Grade :

Therapeutic Category : Oral


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As manufacturer of Calcium Glycerophosphate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Calcium glycerophosphate is a calcium salt of glycerophosphoric acid that forms a white, fine, slightly hygroscopic powder. The commercial product is a mixture of calcium beta-, and D-, and L -alpha-glycerophosphate. By FDA, calcium glycerophosphate is considered a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food ingredient as a nutrient supplement (source of calcium or phosphorus), or in food products such as gelatins, puddings, and fillings. It is also present in dental or oral hygiene products due to its cariostatic effects. It is suggested that calcium glycerophosphate promotes plaque-pH buffering, elevation of plaque calcium and phosphate levels and direct interaction with dental mineral.


  • Calcium glycerophosphate is found in OTC dental products such as toothpastes for the prevention of dental caries. As OTC products these do not have an official indication.
  • In prescription products it is indicated as a calcium or phosphate donor for replacement or supplementation in patients with insufficient calcium or phosphate.

It is thought that calcium glycerophosphate may act through a variety of mechanisms to produce an anti-caries effect. These include increasing acid-resistance of the enamel, increasing enamel mineralization, modifying plaque, acting as a pH-buffer in plaque, and elevating calcium and phosphate levels.

When used as an electrolyte replacement, calcium glycerophosphate donates calcium and inorganic phosphate. Calcium glycerophosphate is preferable to calcium phosphate due to its increased solubility. Compared to combination calcium gluconate and potassium phosphate, calcium glycerophosphate produces greater phosphate retention which allows for increased calcium retention and ultimately greater incorporation of the ions into bone structure.

Mechanism of action:

Calcium glycerophosphate in combination with sodium monofluorophosphate was found to reduce the acid solubility of enamel. This is thought to be due to increased uptake of fluoride in a non-alkali soluble form at the expense of a fraction remaining in the alkali-soluble form of calcium fluoride. It is also thought that calcium glycerophosphate enhances the remineralization effect of sodium monofluorophosphate leading to greater remineralization of enamel but the mechanism behind this is unknown.

Calcium glycerophosphate reduces the decrease in plaque pH produced by sucrose solutions. This may be due to the buffering action of donated phosphate which acts as an acceptor to three hydrogen ions to form biphosphate, dihydrogen phosphate, and finally phosphoric acid. As bisphosphate and dihydrogen phosphate are amphoteric, these molecules can act as buffers against both acids and bases.

Studies on plaque-modification by calcium glycerophosphate have been inconsistent. Redections in plaque weight and plaque area have been noted in separate studies but neither has been confirmed and no causative link has been established in regards to calcium glycerophosphate's anti-caries effect.

Calcium glycerophosphate donates calcium and inorganic phosphate resulting in elevated levels of the ions in plaque. These ions are important components of the mineral structure of teeth. As such, their presence supports maintenance of healthy tooth structure and mineralization.

In electrolyte replacement calcium glycerophosphate again acts as a donor of calcium and phosphate.

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