Calcium L 5 Methyl Tetrahydro Folate USP

Product Name : Calcium L 5 Methyl Tetrahydro Folate

CAS : 151533-22-1

Molecular Formula : C20H23CaN7O6

Molecular Weight : 497.5 g/mol

Pharmaceutical Grade : USP

Therapeutic Category : Dietary Supplement


Global Calcium is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Calcium L 5 Methyl Tetrahydro Folate CAS no. 151533-22-1, API, (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). We support the customers with exhaustive documentation. As a USDMF & EU-GMP certified global company and an established hallmark for pharmaceutical standards, Global Calcium has stood the test of time since its inception in 1979.

As manufacturer of Calcium L 5 Methyl Tetrahydro Folate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Indications for Use

  • Anemia 
  •  Hyperhomocysteinemia 
  • Cardiovascular Disease  
  •  Inflammatory Bowel Disease                                                                     
  •  Neuropsychiatric Applications          
  •   Pregnancy
  • Cervical Dysplasia         
  • Vitiligo           
  • Periodontal Disease

Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action of 5-MTHF is through its role as a methyl donor in a range of metabolic and nervous system biochemical processes, as well as being indirectly necessary for DNA synthesis.

Serine reacts with tetrahydrofolate, forming 5, 10-methylenetetrahydrofolate, the folate derivative involved in DNA synthesis. The enzyme 5-MTHFR converts 5, 10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to 5-MTHF, which donates its methyl group to cobalamin (vitamin B12), forming methylcobalamin.

The enzyme methionine synthase catalyzes the donation of methylcobalamin’s methyl group to the amino acid metabolite homocysteine, converting it to the amino acid methionine.

Methionine subsequently is converted to S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), a methyl donor involved in numerous biochemical processes.

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