Calcium Levulinate USP / EP

Product Name : Calcium Levulinate

CAS : 591-64-0

Molecular Formula : C10H14CaO6

Molecular Weight : 270.29 g/mol

Pharmaceutical Grade : USP / EP

Therapeutic Category : Parenteral


Global Calcium is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Calcium Levulinate CAS no. 591-64-0, Mineral Actives . We support the customers with exhaustive documentation. As a USDMF & EU-GMP certified global company and an established hallmark for pharmaceutical standards, Global Calcium has stood the test of time since its inception in 1979.

As manufacturer of Calcium Levulinate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

The relatively new calcium levulinate is produced from a direct reaction between levulinic acid levulose and calcium hydroxide. The resultant calcium levulinate formulation, when used as a calcium supplement, possesses a high calcium content that is observed to be 14.8% higher than the content typically found in calcium lactate. This formulation is considered a low molecular weight organic calcium ion type that is easily absorbed through the intestinal wall. This formulation also demonstrates a high solubility of more than 30% at 25?. Calcium levulinate is believed to be non-toxic and non-allergic, making it especially suitable for injection or infusion administrations. Additionally, this levulinate formulation is reported as having a good taste, little irritation with a pH value of 7, and good stability such that no precipitation or deterioration occurs during use. This new application of calcium is intended for use as a food fortifier, to fortify foods like sauces, condiments, beer, beverages, soft drinks, milk and milk products, soy milk, and soy products with calcium nutrition. Calcium levulinate formulation is also believed to have good compatibility with calcium lactate, calcium chloride, and other material complexes which allows the formulation to also complex effectively with a diverse variety of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Mechanism of action: Much like most calcium supplements, once calcium levulinate dissociates in the body after administration, absorption of the supplemental calcium ions across the intestinal wall serves to enhance calcium stores in the body. Regardless, levulinic acid is a commonly used chemical with one carbonyl group, one carboxyl group, and Alpha-H comprised in its inner structure, which belongs to short-chain and non-volatile fatty acids. Moreover, the carbon-oxygen double bond from, levulinic acid’s carbonyl group possesses a strong polarity, where the oxygen atom has a stronger electron attracting ability compared to the carbon atom, such that the pi-electron will ultimately transfer into the greater electronegative oxygen, therefore resulting in the formation of a positive charge center in the carbon atom. The electrophilic center of the carbon atom subsequently plays a critical role when the carbonyl group performs chemical reactions. Owing to the relatively strong electron receptor effect of the oxygen atom of the carbonyl group, , levulinic acid has higher dissociation constants than a common saturated acid, which allows it to possess a stronger corresponding acidity. Furthermore, levulinic acid can be isomerized into the enol-isomer, owing to the presence of the carbonyl group. The chemical structure of, levulinic acid consequently has several highly active sites, which facilitates it being used as a chemical platform for preparing many other chemical products. 

Therapeutic uses and effectiveness:
•    This new application of calcium is intended for use as a food fortifier, to fortify foods like sauces, condiments, beer, beverages, soft drinks, milk and milk products, soy milk, and soy products with calcium nutrition
•    Calcium levulinate can be used alone, or with calcium lactate, calcium chloride, and other compounds, either for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, or injections preparation 
•    Enzyme Inhibitors

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