Calcium Stearate

Product Name : Calcium Stearate


Molecular Formula : C36H70CaO4

Molecular Weight : 607.0 g/mol

Pharmaceutical Grade :

Therapeutic Category : Oral


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As manufacturer of Calcium Stearate we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Calcium stearate is a carboxylate salt of calcium, classified as a calcium soap. The salt is a component of some lubricants, surfactant. Calcium stearate is a mixture of calcium oxide with solid fatty acids such as stearic and palmitic acids. It is used as pharmaceutical excipient in manufacturing and used for tablet and capsule lubrication. It has good anti-adherent and lubricant properties but poor glidant properties. Calcium stearate is also used in cosmetics and food products.


Other related information:

  • Calcium stearate is used in oral drug formulations and is reported as nontoxic and nonirritant. It is listed on the FDA Generally Regarded as Safe database.
  • Calcium stearate is a food additive permitted for direct addition to food for human consumption, as long as 1) the quantity of the substance added to food does not exceed the amount reasonably required to accomplish its intended physical, nutritive, or other technical effect in food, and 2) any substance intended for use in or on food is of appropriate food grade and is prepared and handled as a food ingredient.
  • Calcium stearate is an indirect food additive for use as a component of resinous and polymeric coatings.
  • Feed-grade calciium stearate is a food additive permitted in feed and drinking water of animals.

Calcium stearate forms a coating, which repels water from the cutting, and silica gel is helpful in reducing the torque on the drill pipe.

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