Oxetacaine BP/JP

Product Name : Oxetacaine

CAS : 126-27-2

Molecular Formula : C28H41N3O3

Molecular Weight : 467.6 g/mol

Pharmaceutical Grade : BP/JP

Therapeutic Category : Local Anesthetic


Global Calcium is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Oxetacaine CAS no. 126-27-2, API, (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). We support the customers with exhaustive documentation. As a USDMF & EU-GMP certified global company and an established hallmark for pharmaceutical standards, Global Calcium has stood the test of time since its inception in 1979.

As manufacturer of Oxetacaine we hereby state the following facts about the drug:

Indications for Use

Its actions have shown to relieve dysphagia (Difficulty in swallowing), relieve pain due to reflux, chronic gastritis, and duodenal ulcer.

Drug Information

Oxetacaine inhibits gastric acid secretion by suppressing gastrin secretion.

It exerts a local anesthetic effect on the gastric mucosa. This potent local anesthetic effect of oxetacaine may be explained by its unique chemical characteristics in which, as a weak base, it is relatively non-ionized in acidic solutions whereas its hydrochloride salt is soluble in organic solvents and it can penetrate cell membranes.

Oxetacaine diminishes the conduction of sensory nerve impulses near the application site which in order reduces the permeability of the cell membrane to sodium ions. This activity is performed by the incorporation of the unionized form into the cell membrane.

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